Technimat Ltd. considers quality of its services, as well as environmental protection, as a natural part of all our business activities. To highlight this stance, a system of integrated control QMS and EMS is implemented, according to certification ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004. The company declares the following:

Focus on customer

  • we measure our performance according to customer’s needs
  • quality of our products is more important than short-term increase in turnover
  • we are satisfied only when our customers are loyal to us and spontaneously recommend our company further
  • in comparison with our competition, we try to gain a dominance on the local market and monitor, evaluate and build up our position on EU market
  • provided services are high quality and demand is ensured today, as well as in the future. Our goal is to further improve this quality
  • products are provided in requested time and according to agreed conditions in maximum conformity with customer’s requests and needs

Focus on employee

  • our employees are chosen on the basis of their professional and moral characteristics (honesty, teamwork, personal integrity)
  • employees are and remain the basis of company’s performance, thanks to their complex training, continuous education and management support
  • company maintains good mutual communication and supports honest information policy – possible thanks to simple and flexible management organisation
  • sets up goals and makes decisions democratically, with involvement of employees

Focus on process

  • all processes are defined and described with participation of all affected employees
  • all employees, especially these responsible for given process, continuously work on optimizing the process
  • all processes are provided in conformity with legislative, health, hygienic, security and ecological conditions determined by law and public regulations

Focus on complex environmental protection

  • all activities are in conformity with environmental law and other requirements, to which our company committed to in Czech republic or other countries where Technimat Ltd. offers its services
  • company regularly checks and evaluates its environmental profile and sets up measurable goals and target limits
  • executes its processes in a way to achieve constant improvement of its environmental profile
  • fundamental goal of our company is a prevention of negative influence of environment by all accessible means
  • company will educate and encourage all employees and business partners to accept this type of environmental policy, its goals and limits, as their own and to mind the environmental protection at work
  • company will permanently strive to lower the negative environmental impact of its activities, which will be achieved by:
    • introduction of monitoring programme, which will monitor environmental impacts of own activities
    • minimizing of potential accident after-effects by providing effective prevention and quick and correct reaction in our company and companies of our business partners

All activities during securing and maintaining IMS policy will be documented and announced to public authorities, employees and third parties, and this data will be made available to public at any time.